Wee Noise Makers PGB-1 Is an Open-Source Synthesizer, Sequencer, and Groove Box now on Crowd Supply

Wee Noise Makers PGB-1 Is an Open-Source Synthesizer, Sequencer, and Groove Box now on Crowd Supply

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Wee Noise Makers has launched a Crowd Supply project to fund the creation of an open-source synthesizer, sequencer, and groove box called PGB-1. According to them, it will allow users to craft complex musical pieces anywhere with drums, bass, lead, samples, reverb, and more. The PGB-1 is also designed to be customizable so that users can modify it to their tastes. The open-source software Kicad was used for the front panel, and Wee Noise Makers stated that the production file would be available to anyone. Users can even hack the PGB-1 with CircuitPython, C\C++, and Ada if they want to program their own synthesizers, video games, or any other audio-based projects. A dedicated Discord server for all PGB-1 users and enthusiasts will also be available for the community to collaborate and share their creations. 


Wee Noise Makers launched the Crowd Supply project for PGB-1 with a goal of $14,000; funding will end on May 30, 2024. Backers can choose from a PGB-1 with a plastic case for $249 or a limited edition PGB–1 with a golden aluminum case for $299. Orders are expected to ship at the end of January 2025. Most of the components used for the manufacturing of the PGB-1 are either off-the-shelf or made from automated production and will be tested and assembled in-house by We Noise Makers before they are shipped to Crowd Supply. 


Check out the features and specifications for the PGB-1 below. If you want to back this project, visit the Crowd Supply website (https://www.crowdsupply.com/wee-noise-makers/wee-noise-makers-pgb-1). 


Processor: Raspberry Pi RP2040


16 MB Flash

Audio IC: Cirrus Logic WM8960 (or equivalent)


Up to 32-bit at 48 kHz digital audio link

On-chip Headphone Driver, 1 W Stereo Class D Speaker Driver

Up to 3 stereo Line-in/Microphone interfaces

User Interface


128 x 64 monochrome OLED screen

24 addressable RGB LEDs

30 tactile switches

1 capacitive touch strip

Input & Outputs


1x USB Type-C (Power & Data)

1x 3.5 mm Headphone/Headset

1x 3.5 mm Audio Line-in

1x 3.5 mm MIDI Input (TRS type-A)

1x 3.5 mm MIDI Output (TRS type-A)

Internal microphone