New Softsynths by Behringer, GForce Software, and Matteo Caldari

New Softsynths by Behringer, GForce Software, and Matteo Caldari

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Nothing is better than a good hardware synthesizer, but when it comes to price and convenience, a software synth is hard to beat. Here are just a few of the most notable recent releases. 


By Behringer


Price: Free

Vintage by Behringer

Behringer has released Vintage, a virtual analog synthesizer with vintage modeling circuitry. According to Behringer, the synth engine is based on the meticulous modeling of legendary analog synthesizers and offers two high-quality oscillators. These provide a hard synch function as well as selectable waveforms like sine, square, saw, noise, and sub-oscillator. Vintage also has two versatile filters that feature 12/24 dB switchable low, high, and band pass along with notch and formant modes. Thanks to the selectable drive curves, Vintage is also capable of lush harmonic saturation. Other notable features include filter ADSR controls that are easily accessible, a flexible routing scheme, a noise generator, two amplitude modules, and dual LFO. 

Although Behringer has released Vintage as a free product, they have stated that the software is actually valued at $99. When grabbing the free license for Vintage, there is an option to donate to the Playing for Change foundation. For more information or a free Vintage license, visit the official website. Vintage is compatible with Windows 10+, MacOS 10.13+, VST3, and AU V2. 

Oberheim DMX

By GForce Software


Price: £19.99 EX. VAT (Regular price £39.99)

Oberheim DMX by GForce Software

GForce Software has announced that its Oberheim DMX, an ode to the legendary drum machine of the past, is now available. The software promises authentic sound, unmatched clarity, and the speed and versatility that users expect from a digital product. DMX was developed in association with Oberheim, and GForce Software is including all the original DMX sounds from the 1981 launch of the original hardware as well as the updated ones introduced in 1983. In addition, GForce Software is also throwing in the DX and Sequential Drumtracks sounds, plus many alternatives. 

GForce Software is even including a comprehensive collection of classic MIDI files that they believe will help users jumpstart their creativity. Along with kits that capture the raw, unprocessed sound of a DMX/DX, the software also features professionally produced kits that users can immediately use in their productions. Oberheim DMX is available for Mac and PC at a discounted price of £39.99, down from the original cost of £39.99. A trial version of DMX, which is limited to seven days and does not contain the MIDI pack, is also available. For more information and the full specifications, check out the official website.

SAND 2.0

By Matteo Caldari


Price: $9.99 (Free update for existing owners)

Sand 2.0 by Matteo Caldari

Matteo Caldari has released version 2.0 of SAND, the powerful grid-based sequencer for iOS. Using SAND, you can arrange MIDI clips on the grid to create compositions and manipulate clips using functions like copy, duplicate, merge, and combine. Users also have quick access to tools like quantize, legato, transpose, and clip length adjustment. 

SAND does not generate sound on its own but instead acts as a host for AUv3 plugins. It allows users to control their parameters and presets to shape their sound and to create default settings for plugins to ensure these desired settings are saved for new instances. 

The update adds new automation features such as volume, panning, effects, and MIDI, plus the ability to apply global effects and automation. It is also possible now to propegate edits to master track clips to section clips, which makes it easy to quickly write chord progressions and bass lines at once. Changes to the clip editor include scale highlight, triplets, note audition, ghost clip, chord editor, and more. 

SAND 2.0 is a free update for existing owners, but new users can download a free 14-day trial to try out the software and unlock it via an in-app purchase. For more information or to download SAND 2.0, visit the App Store (