New Releases by Cherry Audio, Erica Synths, Moog Music, and More

New Releases by Cherry Audio, Erica Synths, Moog Music, and More

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Some big names in the synthesizer industry have announced their latest releases, which is good news for fans but maybe not so great for their wallets. Here’s a quick roundup of the hottest new releases and how much they will set you back.



By Cherry Audio

Chroma by Cherry Audio


Price: $69.00 (MSRP $89.00)

Cherry Audio has announced that their long-awaited and often requested Chroma synthesizer is now ready after a year and a half in the making. The software is based on the Rhodes Chroma polyphonic analog synthesizer from the early eighties. Cherry Audio describes it as one of the most challenging they have ever captured in virtual instrument form. This is due to the complex nature of the original hardware coupled with its sheer number of parameters. However, Cherry Audio has managed to painstakingly emulate every aspect of the original. Thanks to easy-to-use pop-up menus and an informative real-time display, the sound programming experience has become more intuitive for users. It doesn’t end there either, as switching the instrument to double mode adds a Chroma Expander, an entire Chroma Synthesizer useable in layer or split modes. For more information, visit the official website where Chroma is available at an introductory price of $69.00. 

Cherry Audio has also released a short documentary, “The Story of Chroma.” which can be viewed in the video embedded below. 




Bullfrog XL

By Erica Synths / Richie Hawtin

Bullfrog XL by Erica Synths / Richie Hawtin


Price: € 1700.00

In conjunction with Richie Hawtin, Erica Synths has released Bullfrog XL, a hardware synth designed to combine the thrill of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience. Since it is aimed at teachers to use in front of a classroom, it is three times the size of the regular Bullfrog synth. However, according to Erica Synths, the expanded size and built-in oscilloscope make the Bullfrog XL a great addition to any studio. Accompanying the synth is a comprehensive user manual to help with the learning process. Visit the official website for the full specifications, or check out the video below to hear the Bullfrog XL in action.

Voltage Lab 2

By Pittsburgh Modular

Voltage Lab 2 by Pittsburgh Modular


Price: $1,999.99

Voltage Lab 2 by Pittsburgh Modular is now available for pre-order, with shipping expected in June 2024. Described by Pittsburgh Modular as a “cutting edge synthesis laboratory,” the Voltage Lab 2 offers newly developed wave-shaping capabilities, powerful synthesis tools, and a performance-oriented controller. The synth includes a pair of Laboratory Oscillators, one of which introduces Center Clipping to analog synthesis. This enables users to manipulate harmonics and timbre without affecting pitch. The second oscillator offers two new waveshapers, Pulse Symmetry, and Reflection. Check out the video below or visit the official Voltage Lab 2 website for more information. 

Spectravox Semi-Modular Analog Spectral Processor

By Moog Music

Spectravox by Moog Music


Price: $599

Moog has introduced a new semi-modular analog spectral processor called Spectravox. According to Moog, it is a 10-filter bank paired with a robust analog Moog oscillator and a dynamic white noise generator. The instrument can offer lively drones and colorful tonal sweeps, which Moog believes can breathe life into any sound composition. Spectravox can be used as a standalone synthesizer or integrated into Eurorack setups with a semi-modular design that doesn’t require any patching to start. It can integrate seamlessly with other Moog semi-modular instruments, Eurorack modules, and external sound sources. Visit the Moog Music website for more information, or check out the video by Jamie Lidell to see the Spectravox in use.