New Hardware by muSonics, Suzuki, PWM, and AlphaTheta Announced At NAMM 2024

New Hardware by muSonics, Suzuki, PWM, and AlphaTheta Announced At NAMM 2024

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After a great start to 2024 with the National Association of Music Merchants Show, synth enthusiasts were treated to plenty of exciting new announcements. Among these were a host of new hardware that is either available right now or will be soon. Here are a few of the highlights revealed at the show. 


The Vanilla Synthesizer

By muSonics


Price: $2500

One of the 2024 NAMM Show announcements is that the muSonics Vanilla Synthesizer is available to order. The synth boasts two LFOs, two VCOs, two VCAs, two envelope generators, a filter, and a mixer. This fully modular synth can also be played without using cables between modules, thanks to its default patch routing. The muSonics website is under construction, but visitors can sign up for their newsletter to receive information on exclusive content and deals. 

Omnichord OM-108

By Suzuki

Omnichord OM-108 by Suzuki


Price: TBA

Suzuki was also present at the NAMM Show and revealed that their popular Omnichord instrument is making a return with the OM-108. The original Omnichord was released in 1981 and allowed users to make music without any previous musical experience. Sadly, despite its popularity, the Omnichord was discontinued in 1996 after the release of the OM-300. With the OM-108, users can press a chord button and slide their finger on the strumplate to play accompaniment to almost any song without any musical knowledge. The OM-108 features ten types of strumplate tones, including the classic sounds of the OM-84. Along with the “celeste,” “harp,” and “piano” instrument tones featured in previous models, the OM-108 has new tones, such as the “FM piano” and “omni1” and “omni2” that use real analog circuitry. According to Suzuki, the OM-108 is expected to be available in July 2024.

Redshift 6

By Supercritical Synthesizers

Redshift 6 by Supercritical Synthesizers


Price: 1259€

Redshift 6, the six-voice analog variable character synthesizer by Supercritical Synthesizers, is available now for preorders. According to Supercritical Synthesizers, the Redshift 6 combines tech from previous products such as the Demon Core Oscillator and Neutron Flux Filter. This means that the oscillator featured in each of the six voices is already road-tested. The synth was also designed with the goal of having a versatile and capable analog platform with a flexible UI for new Engines that can easily be updated. Visit the official website to find out where to preorder Redshift 6, which is expected to be available in summer 2024. 



Mantis by PWM


Price: $1,49

Last year, PWM revealed the Mantis, a duophonic hybrid-analog keyboard synthesizer developed in collaboration with Chris Hugget. Huggett was a synth pioneer known for his work on Gnat, WASP, and OSCar, and the designs of some of these inspired the Mantis. This year, at the NAMM Show, PWM announced that they are launching the Mantis. The synth boasts impressive features, such as two oscillators with a sub-oscillator per voice, a multimode analog filter for every signal path, an arpeggiator, and a built-in digital effects section. Mantis also has a full-sized 37-note, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. The full specifications are available on the official website, along with user guides and more.


By AlphaTheta

Omnis-Duo by AlphaTheta


Price: $1,499

AlphaTheta used the NAMM Show 2024 to announce the availability of OMNIS-DUO, describing it as a portable all-in-one DJ system. According to AlphaTheta, it can easily slide into a good-sized backpack thanks to its compact size, modest weight, and rounded corners. It has a built-in battery, so no power supply is needed, and it is the first-ever all-in-one DJ system to feature a Bluetooth audio output function.