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The Wavestation SR is a repackaged Wavestation designed to provide you with all the Wavestation sounds you could ever ask for in a more compact and less expensive MIDI Module. It is a 1-unit rackmount tone module that has all the raw power and sounds of the famous WavestationEX and A/D synths! The SR maintains the same advanced Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing synthesis method from a 4MB ROM card. While managing to increase the MIDI mixing and 16 part MIDI multitimbrality and shrinking the massive synth no sound nor edit parameter was sacrificed! Every parameter can still be tweaked, although much more tedious, however that is the trade-off for a compact, portable and richly multitimbral synthesizer module. Included among its vast array of amazing synthesizer sounds is 1 drum kit with 30 sounds making the SR an ideal centerpiece for any MIDI studio. Wavestations are used by Orbital, The Future Sound of London and Gary Numan.

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Korg Wavestation SR “Vector Synthesizer”


Polyphony - 32 voices
Oscillators - 1 to 4; 4MB ROM, 3 RAM banks, and 1 card bank; 484 sampled and single cycle waveforms
Multitimbral - 16 parts
Filter - 1 LowPass filter per voice
Effects - 55 digital effects programs (6 simultaneous) with dynamic modulation
Keyboard - None
Memory - Patches: 105 user, 280 preset; Performances: 150 user, 400 preset
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1992