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The Wavestation A/D is essentially a compact rackmount module of the Wavestation EX. It has the 4MB of advanced Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing synthesis and editing capabilities. The A/D also has a joystick controller to aid editing the Vectors. A new feature is a stereo analog input for filtering and modulating any external audio sources. They can even be used as part of the vector wave shaping, vocoder and more to incorporate it into your sound. The Wavestation A/D also has a wealth of on-board digital multi-effects for sweet synth sounds and pads! Wavestations are used by Orbital, Depeche Mode, and The Future Sound of London.

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Demos & Media

Korg Wavestation Demostration Part 1 by S4K, ( Jordan Rudess style )


Polyphony - 10 to 32 voices
Oscillators - 1 to 4; 4MB ROM, 3 RAM banks, and 1 card bank; 484 sampled and single cycle waveforms
Multitimbral - 16 parts
Filter - 1 LowPass filter per voice
Effects - 55 digital effects programs (6 simultaneous) with dynamic modulation
Keyboard - None
Memory - 140 patches, 200 performances
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1991