New Releases by Arturia, ZAK Sound, and pandaMidi Solutions

New Releases by Arturia, ZAK Sound, and pandaMidi Solutions

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Synth enthusiasts have a couple of new and upcoming releases available that cater to different demographics. Arturia has a new offering for softsynth fans looking for a tactile way to experience their favorite synths. In contrast, pandaMidi has an upcoming release offering the sounds of some of the greatest keyboard synths in a portable stomp-box format. ZAK Sound also has a new release for cash-strapped musicians looking to add some immersive spaces and dreamy textures to their compositions for free. 


By Arturia

Price: $1999


Several releases have blended the tactile feel of hardware with the versatility of softsynths, and AstroLab by Arturia is the most recent to join the fray. AstroLab is a 61-note semi-weighted stage keyboard with piano-size keys and aftertouch that, according to Arturia, combines the power of synthesis, intuitive controls, and an innovative ecosystem. They stated that it is an instrument built and designed for the modern age and aimed at musicians and producers in search of creative freedom. 

AstroLab bridges the gap between studio production, live performances, and unhindered creative expression by offering 34 instruments and more than 1300 presets. These instruments include classic synths such as the Roland Juno or DX7, as well as electric keyboards like the Wurlitzer. Owners can edit a sound in-depth in Analog Lab and then use it in production for their DAW before dragging it into the AstroLab library via Analog Lab. Thanks to four macro knobs and four FX knobs, AstroLab owners can make impactful adjustments when playing live too. Since AstroLab has a robust and integrated design, there’s no need for a computer or unnecessary cables when playing live.

AstroLab features ten sound engines, including virtual analog, samples, wavetable, FM, granular, physical modelling, vector synthesis, harmonic, phase distortion, and vocoder. The 1300+ in-built sounds can also be complemented with more than 10,000 sounds via Arturia software. It has an arpeggiator, MIDI looper, chord, and scale modes, as well as MIDI IN i/o, balanced stereo input, sustain expression, and aux 1 and 2 pedals. For the full specifications, visit the official Arturia website ( or check out the playthrough video below. 



By ZAK Sound

Price: Free


Atmospheres  By ZAK Sound

ZAK Sound has released a free reverb plugin called Atmospheres that can create immersive spaces and dreamy textures. The one-knob plugin is built upon the Deep Water processor, renowned for its water-based approach to creating distinctive reverbs. According to ZAK Sound, it was designed to create textures and effects without thinking too much. Atmosphere also features a Randomizer function that makes it easy to change many of the internal parameters and reverb types with a single touch. The plugin is compatible with Windows 7 and up as well as macOS 10.11 or higher. Visit the official Zak Sound website ( to download Atmospheres for free. 


Future Impact V4

By pandaMidi Solutions

Price: €299.00 (Original Price:€359.00)


Future Impact V4  By pandaMidi Solutions

This month, Future Impact V4 by PandaMidi Solutions is releasing, describing it as arguably the most revolutionary synthesizer effects pedal there is. It harnesses the power and versatility of some great keyboard synthesizers but squeezes it into a small and portable stomp-box format.

This updated version of their synth pedal comes with many new features to take it beyond its predecessors. These include new, improved 32-bit A/D/A converters, CV/Gate output, sturdier knobs, an extended range for the parameter dial, superior pitch tracking, oscillator synch, and the ability to save on-pedal edits into patch data. Future Impact V4 also has 63 new Flexi curves, on-the-fly octave transposition, and full midiBeam 4Control integration. PandaMidi is releasing fresh editor software with the pedal that features an on-screen mod wheel and offers improved workflow. For more information or to pre-order Future Impact V4 at a discounted price, visit the official website (