MPC Key 37 Is A Powerful Standalone Desktop Synth By Akai

MPC Key 37 Is A Powerful Standalone Desktop Synth By Akai

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Akai has announced the availability of the MPC Key 37, a dynamic standalone MPC desktop synthesizer. It features onboard sampling, plugin instruments, insert effects as well as Splice integration. 

Akai designed the MPC Key 37 with a three-octave full-size keybed to provide users with a balance between playing chords and performing melodies. The keys are aftertouch-enabled for expression and the pitch bend as well as modulation can be controlled as well. Precise 360-degree manipulation of levels and parameters is also possible using the four assignable Q-Link knobs. 

According to Akai, the MPC Key 37 offers flagship power and performance with a robust processing core for sampling and sequencing. It has a 7” touch screen to chop loops and samples users can easily drag and trim samples with a finger. For expressive beat-making, the MPC Key 37 features responsive velocity-sensitive RGB pads laid out in an iconic four-by-four grid. For connectivity, the MPC Key 37 offers stereo ¼-inch inputs and outputs, Direct USB Midi, 5-pin MIDI In/MIDI Out, four TRS CV/Gate output jacks, and a USB Host port. Since it is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, users can control playback across mobile, laptop, and standalone hardware devices without the need for cables. 

For more information and the full specifications, visit the official Akai website ( The MPC Key 37 is priced at $899, and Akai is giving away a free plugin voucher for the MPC store to anyone who purchases a new MPC Key 37 and registers their product.