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"The Access Virus plug-in (pictured above) is the first step into a new world: A TDM-based synthesizer plug-in for Pro Tools. Based on the Access Virus hardware synthesizer, the Virus plug-in transforms your ProTools system into a luscious 16-voice synthesizer with up to eight different sounds per DSP chip. Not only does this Virtual Analog synthesizer offer incredible warmth and quality, it also goes far beyond known products with its perfect Pro Tools integration, extensive automation, and "total recall" capabilities. MIDI and Audio connections are a breeze to set up, allowing you to start playing the Virus in seconds. It is also the first TDM Plug-in to offer several user interface pages for different sets of parameters, so every single control can receive a dedicated knob or switch. Gone are the headaches associated with glaring at tiny LCD displays.

The Virus TDM features three oscillators, two filters, three LFOs and two envelopes for every voice. It also provides built-in effects like chorus and delay for creating stunning pads, screaming leads, punchy bass sounds or whatever you might have in your mind. But the creative options don't stop there: Use input mode to modify single tracks or entire mixes with powerful resonant filters. Enable the vocoder and add the robotic sound to your recording using other tracks or even your voice singing along with your tune. A built-in arpeggiator syncs to MIDI beat clock and follows your song tempo at any time. You can have up to 16 independent arpeggiators with numerous patterns and real time parameter access.

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VIRUS Indigo TDM Plug-In

Or, you can put the soul of an Access Virus Indigo into your Digidesign Pro Tools system with the Virus|Indigo TDM (pictured above). It integrates the signature sound of Access' award-winning synthesizer into the industry-standard hard disk recording system, with up to eight multi-timbral parts per DSP, with 20 available voices and up 96k sampling rate. Experience the creative freedom of true synergy between your Protools Mix or Protools|HD rig and one of the most advanced synth engines of all time. Performance is top: our precision-crafted DSP algorithms ensure there is no audible latency, while parameter changes are silky smooth with no zipper noise or glitches! It sounds like the Indigo and it responds like the Indigo.

The Access Virus and Indigo TDM Plug-Ins empower musicians and producers to go beyond recording, editing and mixing with Pro Tools and enables great sounding, fully programmable virtual analog synthesis power completely within the Pro Tools application itself. With these Plug-Ins, the industry's most powerful digital audio workstation becomes the center of an integrated, creative work environment."

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Demos & Media

Audio Clip 1 Balearic Riser - A great demo techno track complete with hard beats, grooves, synth sounds, and lucious sweeping filters. Hear the all-in-one TDM Plug-In dance machine!!!


Polyphony - Virus: 16 voices per instance, Indigo: 20 voices per DSP; Up to eight multi-timbral synthesizers per DSP.
Oscillators - Virus: 2 Osc. Indigo: 3 Osc. Both: Additional Sub-Oscillator. Sawtooth, variable pulse, sine, triangle waves + 62 additional spectral waves FM [Frequency modulation] for the Oscillators with external Input signals (Virus has 1 FM mode, Indigo has 5 FM modes).
LFO - 2 LFO's in the Virus, 3 LFO's with 68 LFO shapes in the Indigo
Filter - 2 independent resonant filters; lowpass, hipass, bandpass, band reject, parallel, split & 2 serial modes with up to 36dB/voice (6-poles), overdrive/saturation.
VCA - 2 ADSTR envelopes
ModMatrix - 3 sources, 6 destinations
Effects - 82 simultaneous DSP effects: 8 Chorus/Flanger with rate sync to midi tempo (per DSP), Delay, Reverb w/ pre-delay sync to MIDI-clock, 32-Band Vocoder. Indigo also has up to 16 Ring Modulators, 16 Phasers w/ 24 filter-poles, and 8 types of Distortion (all per DSP).
Keyboard - None
Memory - Unlimited. Can load patches from Hardware Virus synthesizers.
Requirements - Digidesign-approved Mac OS- or Windows NT- based Pro Tools|24 MIX or MIXplus system running Pro Tools version 5.0 or higher software. Indigo plug-in supports Pro Tools|HD systems too.
Date Produced - Virus: 2000; Indigo: 2002


Excerpted from Digidesign.