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VAZ Modular for the PC is probably the easiest Modular Software synthesizer to use currently on the market. For just $300 you get a truly modular synth with fat sounds, wonderful filters and plenty of sonic possibilities. Oh, and as for its analog sounds, they sound excellent! Connect the outputs of any module to the inputs of any other module. Patching is done via a matrix modulation system. Unlike many similar Modular Software synths VAZ does not 'emulate' the use of visual patch cords when connecting various modules in your synth patch. Simple, computer-friendly Menus are used instead to route signals between modules. This makes it quicker to use and is far better for modular newbies.

VAZ Modular 2 gives you the hardware equivalent of up to 16 modular synths, sampler(s), sequencer(s), 16 Channel Mixer, various effects and support for the ever expanding range of DirectX and VST Plug-ins, either as a module within a synth and/or at the mixing stage. It has got 66 modules (but you can link up to 255 of them in any combination per synth). There are sound sources such as modeled analog multi-oscillators, granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, a noise gen, live input and more. Audio is processed by various types of rich sounding filters (multi-mode, comb, etc.) with distortion, ring modulation and other goodies. Effects include reverb, delay, chorus, flange and more. Modulation effects are provided by the various LFO modules, envelope followers and other envelope effects. Truly wacky sounds are possible.

There's also a sampler allowing mapping of instrument and drum samples across keyboard range(s). It can be used to fill up the wavetables with custom sounds for use in synth patches. And it can be used to 'process' digital audio files through any of its modules. Selectable audio output rates of 11, 22, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz for individual patches.

There are three multi-row 16-step pattern-based sequencers with step- and real-time recording and editing. The CV/Gate Sequencer is analog style (like an ARP Sequencer) using 16 rows of sliders to adjust note pitches and controller info in the Sequencer Window. The Trigger Sequencer resembles 808-style drum machine programming. The Control Sequencer is like the CV/Gate but with four control outputs for use as controller automation. All three sequencers can run simultaneously and in MIDI sync. There's also a useful arpeggiator (up, down, up/down, random, 1-4octave). MIDI to CV conversion is also built-in. There's MIDI control of on screen sliders and switches from any MIDI source or QWERTY keyboard. Presets include emulations of many a classic synths and many new sounds.

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Audio Clip 1 Cool sequenced synth patch. Sounds pretty darn good! Textured pulsing effect.


Polyphony - 16 voices per synth, 16-part multitimbral (up to 256 voices, depending on CPU speed)
Oscillators - Granular osc; Simple osc (sawtooth/square); Multi-osc (saw plus 4 pulse waves); Noise; Wavetable waves samples; Samples from WAV files
LFO - 1 LFO module; 1 multi-phase LFO; 1 SINE LFO; 1 TRIANGLE LFO; Sample and Hold
Filter - Comb filter; Decimator; Equalizer; Multimode filter; One-pole filter; Vowel filter; State-variable filter
Effects - Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Overdrive, Ring Modulator
Control - MIDI, CV/GATE, QWERTY Keyboard
Macintosh - Not Supported
Windows/PC - Pentium 200MHz, Windows 95/98, 16Mb RAM, accepts DirectX or VST plug-ins
Date Produced - 1998-2000


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