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This fully wood-cased beast is a classic String-Synth of the seventies from Yamaha. It is "multi-phonic" as it uses a divide-down, electric organ type of architechture for its tone generation. There are two tones for each note so it's probably fair to say it's dual-oscillator, and it can create some really lush timbres. It's richer sounding than the ARP Solina String Synth. It has an individual VCA envelope for each key. The four-octave keyboard is not velocity sensitive, and the synth offers just a few controls above the keyboard for choosing preset sounds, and modest tweaking (no filters, LFOs, etc). It has been used by Utravox & Midge Ure.

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yamaha ss30 rare string synth


Polyphony - Full 49 voices
Oscillators - 2 Osc. per voice
LFO - None
Filter - None
Effects - Chorus & Vibrato
Keyboard - 4-Octave (49 keys)
Memory - None
Control - None
Date Produced - 1977


Thanks to Don Thomson and Steven Norgate for submitting info.