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The Prelude is a 4-section orchestral synthesizer consisting of Piano, Organ, Brass and String sections. Like many other similar 4-section synths of this type, all 49 keys will play simultaneously for 49-note polyphony. Two of the sections can be played at the same time. Though editability and storage are limited, it has an on-board chorus/flanger effect as well as a 7-band equalizer. The string sounds are the best feature of the Prelude, and the on-board effects and EQ are great for thickening and modulating the string sound beyond the scope of traditional orchestral sounds. The Prelude has a very appealing and intuitive Sequential-esque layout and appearance and is definitely one of the finest orchestral-type multitimbral synths among others in its class.

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Sequential Circuits Prelude Analog Synth


Polyphony - 49 voices
Oscillators - 1 per voice
Effects - Chorus / Flanger
Memory - None
Keyboard - 49 keys
Control - No MIDI
Date Produced - 1982