Moog Taurus II

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The Taurus is an interesting synth, it's a pedal synthesizer with essentially the same synth engine as the Rogue. A very basic synth with only sawtooth or square waveforms. But these waveforms go low and their bass sounds are great. The pedal controller outputs cv/gate so it can be used to control other synths as well. The synth section has an external source input for the filter, and there are portamento, pitch and mod wheels too! Not at all a bad synth, and it is a very unique addition to any studio. But can you play with your feet?

Moog Taurus II Image

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MOOG Taurus II With MIDI
Jorge Cortes


Polyphony - Monophonic
Oscillators - 2 VCO's (square & sawtooth waveforms)
Memory - None
Filter - 1 24dB/oct lowpass w/ cutoff, key tracking
VCA - Attack + Decay or Sustain
Keyboard - 18 note pedal-board
Arpeg/Seq - None
Control - CV / GATE
Date Produced - 1981-83