Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Spider

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The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is a 3-octave master keyboard that can be used to control up to four inter-connected Wasp synthesizers and played polyphonically. It also works with the Gnat. Fairly basic, it came with wood panels and does not respond to velocity or aftertouch.

EDP Spider Image

The Spider

The Spider is a 256-note step, or 84-note real time digital sequencer to control the Wasp and/or Gnat. It features a few simple controls for entering notes in step or real time and transposing the sequence a semi-tone, whole-tone, major-3rd, or perfect-5th as well as speed controls. Although it has EDP's own pre-MIDI interface for connecting it to other EDP gear, it also had CV/Gate outputs for connecting it to other analog synths too.

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Demos & Media

EDP Spider demo with Wasp Deluxe
Ben Barwise


Polyphony - n/a
Oscillators - n/a
LFO - n/a
Filter - n/a
Arpeg/Seq - Spider: 256 note sequencer
Keyboard - Caterpillar: 37 keys
Memory - None
Control - EDP proprietary digital sockets. Spider adds CV/Gate outputs.
Date Produced - Spider: 1978
Caterpillar: 1980


Images from The Terry Synthesizer Collection.

Revised October 2009