Yamaha SEQTRAK Mobile Music Ideastation Now Available

Yamaha SEQTRAK Mobile Music Ideastation Now Available

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Yamaha has released SEQTRAK, describing it as the ultimate music creation station that empowers users to capture, create, and connect with fans. This all-in-one system features drums, synths, sound design, and sequencing wrapped up in a compact, lightweight design that can be used anywhere you happen to be.

According to Yamaha, SEQTRAK boasts a lightning-fast workflow thanks to a straightforward three-part user interface and real-time, hands-on controls. Users are able to produce their music without having to do menu-diving or wait for boot times. SEQTRAK also comes with a library containing over 2,000 presets, and Yamaha has promised that more will be added as the SEQTRAK app is updated. 

Thanks to an onboard sampler, SEQTRAK users have seven sound lots available, along with a variety of effects to choose from for shaping and transforming their samples. SEQTRAK was designed to make music on the go with features like a built-in speaker and microphone as well as a rechargeable battery. In addition, SEQTRAK offers two sound engines; AWM2 for 128-note polyphony specializing in authentic sounds and a four-operator FM engine for synth pads, leads, and more. Both these engines are supplemented by powerful effects. With its advanced Sequencer, SEQTRAK makes musical tracks' composition, arrangement, and playback intuitive and seamless. Users can also navigate and control tempo, swing, track settings, and other parameters with ease. 

Yamaha has also released an app that is included with SEQTRAK, allowing users to dive quickly into each track and shape the sounds precisely. It offers comprehensive editing functions such as envelopes, filters, effect manipulation, and more. Users can even turn their music into a captivating visual experience using the Visualizer mode of the SEQTRAK app.

Check out the video below for an overview of the SEQTRAK, and visit the official website for more information (https://usa.yamaha.com/products/music_production/music-production-studios/seqtrak). The website also offers downloads for the user guide, quick operation guide, safety guide, and SEQTRAK app. The SEQTRAK has an MSRP of $599 and is available in black or orange colors.