New Releases by Zero-G, Solid State Logic, Erica Synths & Floating Knobs

New Releases by Zero-G, Solid State Logic, Erica Synths & Floating Knobs

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A new year means new opportunities to take your music to the next level and try out new gear or software. Fortunately, there’s been no shortage of new releases recently. Here’s a quick roundup of the most notable new and upcoming releases for synth enthusiasts. 

Mobeus Modular

By Zero-G


Price: $47.95 (Regular Price: $59.95)

Zero-G has released a loop-based Kontakt instrument sequel to their popular Mobeus called Mobeus Modular. According to Zero-G, Mobeus Modular is a powerhouse that can deliver rhythmic patterns, textured grooves, and atmospheric wonders thanks to three meticulously curated layers of analog modular loops. 

Mobeus Modular consists of over 3.6 GB of samples, a complex three-layer engine, 150 Snapshot presets, 200 sample sources and dedicated effects, envelope, pan, pitch, speed controls, LFOs, and filters per layer. The samples are all 100% original and royalty-free, but keep in mind that the included Kontakt Files require a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later to use. 

Mobeus Modular is available from the Zero-G website at an introductory price of $47.95. Check out the video below for a quick overview, and visit the official website for more information or to purchase Mobeus Modular. 


By Solid State Logic


Price: $99.99

Solid State Logic has unveiled SSL PlateVerb, the first in a range of boutique reverb plug-ins. According to SSL, PlateVerb is perfect for adding everything from natural ambiance to cavernous effects to productions. PlateVerb was designed to precisely emulate the distinct sound of classic plate reverb by combining two bespoke SSL-crafted algorithms. In addition to classic plate reverberation sound PlateVerb also features colour adjustment, ducking with external side-chain, and freeze. 

PlateVerb can be purchased for $99.99 and is also available as part of SSL Complete for a $19.99/month subscription. In addition, a free 14-day trial version is also available from the official website. 

Drum Stereo FX

By Erica Synth

Price: € 270.00

Erica Synth will release the Drum Stereo FX module in January 2024. It is based on their new DSP engine and aims to deliver a wide range of custom delay and reverb effects. Drume Stereo FX features three delay and three reverb effects, tap and clock synchronization of delay time, and has ten preset patches. It also offers delay time divisions and multiplications in sync mode, as well as CV control over delay time, feedback, and preset selection. It was developed in collaboration with 112dB, the Dutch company specializing in VST instruments.

Drum Stereo DJ VCF

By Erica Synths

Price: € 180.00

Drum Stereo DJ VCF  By Erica Synths

Also new from Erica Synths is the DJ VCF Stereo Module, which aims to provide users with sound treatment functionality typically found on DJ decks. According to Erica Synths, it is fully open when the cutoff knob is at 12:00. Users can then turn the knob counter-clockwise to apply lowpass filtering and clockwise for highpass filtering. The module also features an adjustable resonance parameter. 


By Floating Knobs

Price: 450,00 €

Floating Knobs has announced Cuisine, a step sequencer that can be used standalone or as part of a Eurorack system. It offers twelve tracks freely assignable to control drum voices, musical notes, or CV modulation, a Euclidian function for making organic patterns. It is also designed for seamless use with just one hand. According to Floating Knobs, Cuisine will be ready to ship in mid-January and can be pre-ordered via the official website.