New Releases by ToyBox Audio, SOMA Laboratory, and ARTURIA

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With new hardware and software synthesizers announced regularly, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. It is also impossible to buy everything, so taking advantage of introductory prices can make a big difference. It’s even better when companies release free updates to existing products. Below are three new releases that can be grabbed at a discounted intro price or, in the case of SimplexFM, are free to owners of the relevant hardware.

Buzz Zone
By Toybox


Price: $24.00 (Intro) / $39.99 (Regular)

Buzz Zone By Toybox

Toybox Audio has unveiled a new boutique performance-oriented synth called Buzz Zone for MacOS, Windows, and iOS. According to Toybox Audio, Buzz Zone sports nine powerful multi-segment envelopes, a streamlined yet versatile interface, and deep analog modeling. The latter is based on the cream of Eurorack modules, along with some legendary vintage synths. Users can also expect a state-of-the-art DSP, creative routing, and an extensive library of meticulously crafted wavetables and samples. Buzz Zone even has a vocoder mode that makes it possible to imprint tonal characteristics of loaded samples onto the output of the synth engine. Finally, to get users started, Buzz Zone offers more than 400 presets from professional sound designers that cover everything from massive pads to modern drum hits. Check out the trailer for Buzz Zone below and visit the official website to read the manual or purchase your copy. Buzz Zone does not have a demo but is selling at a discounted introduction price. 

By SOMA Laboratory


Price: Free

SimplexFM By SOMA Laboratory

SOMA Laboratory is treating owners of their METACONFORMER smart MIDI router and thru box with a groundbreaking new firmware called SimplexFM. What it does is turn the METACONFORMER module into a four-track digital organismic synth. According to SOMA, SimplexFM is the pocket-sized successor of LYRA-8 ideas and delivers complex and surprising sound behavior thanks to the interaction of timbres instead of dozens of modulators and LFOs. The firmware is available as a free download and the manual can also be viewed on the official website. Check out the SimplexFM demo video below to hear the firmware in action. More information about METACONFORMER, which is needed to run SimplexFM, is also available on the official website ( 

MiniBrute V



Price: $99 (Intro) / $199 (Regular)

MiniBrute V  By ARTURIA

ARTURIA has released MiniBrute V, a software synth that recreates the distinctive analog grit of its 2012 hardware predecessor and adds some features to amplify it in the digital domain. According to ARTURIA, this means users can expect a sonic experience that goes above and beyond its hardware counterpart. MiniBrute V transcends its monosynth DNA with added polyphony. It also boasts an all-in-one FX rack with four FX slots and 17 FX types for sound shaping and enhancement. ARTURIA is also ensuring that there are no borders to users unleashing their creativity. To accomplish this, the MiniBrute V has a streamlined signal path, making it easy to play and program. It even has in-app tutorials to guide new users through every aspect of the instrument. Finally, the factory library included with MiniBrute V has been designed by esteemed synthesists and analog pros alike to deliver world-class presets. For more information check out the video below or visit the official website where MiniBrute V can also be purchased for a discounted intro price. In addition, a free demo is also available to try out first, and MiniBrute V can be combined with V Collection X for a bundle offer.