New Releases by Sinevibes and Intellijel

New Releases by Sinevibes and Intellijel

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Both Sinevibes and Intellijel have released brand-new products recently that should appeal to synth enthusiasts. The Flare plugin can breathe new life into the Korg prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1, while the Intellijel Atlantix is a worthy successor to the Atlantis.  

KORG Flare

By Sinevibes


Price: $29

Sinevibes has released a new additive synthesis oscillator plugin called Flare for the KORG prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1. The plugin can produce a wide range of timbres ranging from smooth and organic to atonal and metallic. This is thanks to eight sine wave partials configured as a harmonic series that can be further shaped using the different pitch ratio curves. According to Sinevibes, it also features a “spectrum trim feature” to allow for the gradual reduction in additive harmonics, which functions like an ideal brick-wall-low-pass filter. Other highlights include a built-in multi-mode modulation generator, built-in envelope generator, and LFO, built-in lag filters, and more. Flare is available now for $29, and the package also includes twenty example presets for the prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1. For more information or to listen to audio examples, visit the official website. 


By Intellijel


Price: $699

Intellijel has announced the Atlantix, the highly anticipated classic Roland SH-101-inspired Atlantis. According to Intellijel, the Atlantix will be just as immediate for dialing in beautifully rich bass and lead sounds. It is a complete analog synth voice with dual VCOs, multimode VCF, VCA with drive, and an ADSR envelope. It also features 32 patch points along with a selection of routing switches so users can remix these blocks into something of their own. Along with the Atlantix, Intellijel also released the Atlx expander, which adds 14 dedicated outputs and a Ring Mod to the module. The Atlx is available for $59.00 and offers many new possibilities for self-patching, advanced routing, and connections to other modules. For more information, including the full specifications, visit the official website.