New Releases by Antares Audio Technologies, UVI, and Schlappi Engineering

New Releases by Antares Audio Technologies, UVI, and Schlappi Engineering

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As 2023 draws to a close, there have been a few more releases on the synthesizer hardware and software front. Here’s a quick look at new offerings by Antares Audio Technologies, UVI and Schlappi Engineering. 

Vocal Reverb
By Antares Audio Technologies


Price: $129

Vocal Reverb

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming more prevalent, and the synthesizer industry is no exception. Antares Audio Technologies has joined the fray with Vocal Reverb, which it describes as the “world’s first vocal-dedicated reverb plug-in to feature powerful AI Assist technology.” Vocal Reverb also offers three reverb algorithms, ten pre/post-effects, and two delay types.

According to Antares Audio Technologies, Vocal Reverb is designed for professional vocal production to add ambiance, depth, and emotional impact to vocal recordings. Thanks to the AI, users can tell Vocal Reverb what type of vibe they want, and it will deliver a uniquely crafted reverb sound. Users don’t have to worry about muddy and overpowering reverb tails either, thanks to the proprietary Auto-Tune pitch tracking technology used by the Auto-EQ in Vocal Reverb. It monitors the fundamental pitch of the vocals and then dynamically attenuates frequencies. 

The three classic reverb algorithms included in Vocal Reverb are Hall, Plate, and Room, while Pitch, Throat, Tube, Desser, and Reverse round out the Pre-Verb Effects. Post-Verb Effects include Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Auto-EQ, and Width, while Mono and Stereo Ping Pong are the delay options. Check out the video below for more information, or visit the official website to purchase a copy. Vocal Reverb also has a free trial available. 



Price: Free


UVI has released Noctua, a free “modern cinematic soundscape synthesizer” for Windows and MacOS. According to UVI, Noctua combines the worlds of hardware synthesis and boutique effects, which allows users to create sprawling soundscapes that are rich with detail and movement. This multi-layer instrument is built on hand-crafted samples that were designed, recorded, and processed by renowned sound designer and YouTube creator, Venus Theory. The sounds in Noctua are divided into the following categories:

Effects Box - Recorded from a variety of analog and digital hardware synthesizers and processed through boutique pedals and custom digital effects.

EMF - EMF recordings that were transformed and multi-sampled via a variety of techniques and effect chains. 

Analog - A morphable raw source featuring a deep pool of sonic possibility and extramural exploration.

 According to UVI, each of the three sound layers in Noctua is fitted with a complex, microtonal sequencer. It features built-in randomization and probability, while clear and easy-to-use controls allow for painless customization. In addition to fully adjustable delay and reverb, Noctua’s sound sources are also treatable with overdrive, compressor, eq, and more, all from within the instrument. Finally, Noctua features a custom-designed selection of one-knob FX chains. 

Noctua is available as a free download from the UVI website and comes with 100 hand-crafted presets designed by Venus Theory and the UVI sound design team. 

By Schlappi Engineering


Price: $240
The Nibbler

Schlappi Engineering has announced pre-orders for The Nibbler, a four bit digital accumulator based on CMOS logic. The idea is that because it counts in binary from zero to fifteen, which is inherently musical. So with slow clock speeds, it can be used to create rhythms and modulation voltages. This can result in subharmonics and modem-like sounds. 

This 12 HP module features five rhythmically related gate outputs, two stepped voltage outputs, and four gate inputs for modulation. It also features synchronous and asynchronous output modes, shift register functionality, and a Cherry MX Brown switch for reset. According to Schlappi Engineering, while Nippler is technically a preorder, they expect modules to ship by the end of the year. Check out the video below to hear Nibbler in action, and visit the official website to pre-order Nibbler, which is available in black and silver variations.