New and Upcoming Releases by Nembrini Audio, Soma Laboratory, Home Bake Instruments, and Sonicware

New and Upcoming Releases by Nembrini Audio, Soma Laboratory, Home Bake Instruments, and Sonicware

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The new year has barely begun, but there is already a range of tempting synthesizer-related software and hardware available. Check out our picks below for some of the most interesting products competing for your cash.

NA 501 Chorus Echo
By Nembrini Audio

Price: $29.99 (Regular Price: $99.99)

NA 501 Chorus Echo By Nembrini Audio


Nembrini Audio has released the NA 501 Chrous Echo for Windows and macOS as well as iOS. It offers an authentic sound reproduction of the classic warmth and character of the Roland RE-501. According to Nembrini Audio, the plugin has been meticulously modeled to deliver the same legendary tape echo, BBD chorus, and spring reverb of the original hardware. However, it has also been enhanced with the type of modern digital functionality required by modern music producers.

Advanced features include DAW tempo sync, expanded chorus and delay parameters, as well as independent SOS timings. Nembrini Audio also designed the user interface to be as intuitive as possible with a look that blends vintage aesthetics with modern digital efficiency. Check out the video below for more information, and visit the official website to purchase the NA 501 Chorus Echo. A free demo is also available for download. 

By Soma Laboratory

Price: €160

METACONFORMER By Soma Laboratory


The first batch of METACONFORMER, a smart MIDI router and thru box, is available directly from SOMA EU. This unique device features two independent MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs, one of which can be configured as a sync signal source. It supports three modes of processing MIDI messages, namely Splitter, Combiner, and Translator. 

In Splitter mode, users can split the keyboard of one MIDI channel into several zones, with notes from each zone sent to only one instrument. This is useful for playing several instruments at once and listening to the interaction of timbers without the need to switch the MIDI channel. Combiner mode makes it possible to create one multitimbral polyphonic instrument by combining several monophonic instruments. Finally, the Translator mode is for playing the sound core parameter by pressing notes rather than entering them by rotating the knob. Soma Laboratory has also stated that other operating modes will be announced in the future. For more information, visit the official website or check out the demo video below. 

Drum Mint 83
By Home Bake Instruments

Price: TBA

Drum Mint 83 By Home Bake Instruments


Home Bake Instruments, a developer from Japan, has announced the release of a mini drum machine named Drum Mint 83. While it might not be easy to acquire outside of Japan, this tiny instrument will appeal to musicians who love feature-rich products in miniature form. According to Home Bake Instruments, Drum Mint 83 is a micro rhythm machine with seven rhythm parts. It also boasts features such as a hybrid sound source of analog modeling and PCM, a sequencer with 16 steps and eight patterns, pattern chain playback, a flam function, and pattern muting. Drum Mint 83 is an improvement over the original Drum Mint thanks to a more powerful CPU and built-in stereo delay. Check out the video below for more information, or visit the official Home Bake Instruments website.

Liven Mega Synthesis
By Sonicware

Price: $239

Liven Mega Synthesis By Sonicware


Retro enthusiasts with fond memories of the Sega Genesis, also known as the Sega Mega Drive, outside North America, should pay attention to the Liven Mega Synthesis by Sonicware. This new synth faithfully recreates the 4-operator FM sound module, and the 8-bit PCM sound module as well as the “SN76489” Programmable Sound Generator sound module used by the original console. The instrument allows users to create diverse game music with a sophisticated 6-track sequencer and ten types of effects. For added nostalgia, the Liven Mega Synthesis features sound banks and patterns contributed by Yuzo Koshiro, the renowned composer behind legendary gaming soundtracks such as Streets of Rage” and Etrian Odyssey.” 

According to Sonicware, both the first and second shipments of the Liven Mega Synthesis are sold out, but pre-orders are still available for the third shipment, which is scheduled for release from February 5, 2024. Check out the video below to hear the Yuzo Koshiro preset patterns on the Liven Mega Synthesis and visit the official website for more information.