ALT Analog Synth by Cyma Forma Launching Soon On Kickstarter

ALT Analog Synth by Cyma Forma Launching Soon On Kickstarter

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Analog synthesizer fans might want to mark their calendars as Cyma Forma has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for ALT soon. According to the creators, ALT is an analog synthesizer that is designed to expand the realm of sound design through intricate motion. ALT offers the ability to generate a rich sound that users can control using sliders along with a pin matrix. ALT also features two light sensors and a built-in microphone, which makes it possible for spontaneous sound modulation based on the lighting and acoustics of the room it is in. 

Some of the other specifications teased by Cyma Forma for ALT are the five voices that each have different waveform shaping possibilities. Each of these also offers stereo panning to allow for rich, spatial audio experiences. These voices can be free (linear pitch) or follow notes, while a harmonic quantizer lets users choose scales to play beautiful melodies using either sliders or quantized pitch modulation. In addition, ALT has a Korg MS-20-inspired stereo filter with intense resonance and the ability to offer a smooth transition between low pass and high pass. Thanks to a wild stereo delay and infinite feedback, users can also give some space to their sound. 

Sound motion is possible thanks to a modulation pin matrix with four adjustable modulation sources. These include two LFOs, a random step generator, an envelope follower, and seventeen destinations. According to Cyma Forma, users can expect complex rhythmic patterns, unheard harmonies, and precise sound design. 

For more information about ALT, including the full specifications, visit the official Cyma Forma website ( The Kickstarter for ALT will be launched on May 22nd, 2024, but anyone who wants an early bird discount can join the Cyma Forma mailing list on their website. Cyma Forma will build and tune every ALT they created in their workshop in Paris.