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Massachusetts based Aries was a synth manufacturer that offered modular "kits" for modules and modular systems as well as pre-assembled systems such as the Aries 300 series. The Aries 300 is a classic modular system that competed against the Moog, Arp, Buchla, E-mu, and Roland modular systems of the time. They sound very good and can be found in various configurations as seen in these photos. They are purely analog monophonic synths with classic wood paneling, un-cosmetic appearance, mean filters, plenty of envelope, LFO, modulation, analog sequencing, VCOs, and more! A remote 61 note CV/GATE keyboard, tons of knobs and patch-points give you a very flexible analog monster.

Aries 300 Image
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Demos & Media

Early 1970s Aries Music Synthesizer Demo Record
Jafafa Hots


Polyphony - Monophonic
Modules - AR-331 Pre-Amp/Envelope Follower, AR-334 Sequencer, AR-318 Sample and Hold, AR-315 Balanced Modulator, and many more
Memory - None
Keyboard - 61 Keys (remote)
Control - CV/Gate
Date Produced - 1970 - 1982


Images courtesy of
Kevin Lightner's Synthfool, Old Tech - Vintage Synthesizer Site and Tone Tweakers.